Die-hard British atheist reveals shocking discovery of God in new book

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After reaching her lowest point in her 20s in London and through questioning the teachings of the Catholic Church, Sally Read not only set aside her strict atheist beliefs, but even converted to Catholicism in the heart of the Catholic Church, Rome, Italy.

Author, 'Night's Bright Darkness�
'In every person, there is this natural desire to worship, that's the first thing. So if we don't have God in our lives, we end up...we worship something else, and we have a kind of idolatry. And I think in my case, it was literature, as strange and as harmless as that might seem.�

The poet and writer struggled through breakups, death, loneliness and insomnia, a seeming perpetual darkness that eventually led to her illuminated discovery of Christ, that changed her life forever.

Author, 'Night's Bright Darkness�
'I suddenly realized there was a God. It was a shattering realization, it was really shattering. It was a happy realization in the sense that I thought, gosh, if that's true, then this God knows me and sees me and loves me. But at the same time, I was like, but why would I think that?�

Despite this realization, her book describes how she was strictly against ever being Catholic. She struggled with the teachings of the Church, questioning the use of contraceptives, why women could not become priests and how the Catholic faith was so intense. 

Through speaking to Catholic friends, including a priest who accepted her and met her where she was in her faith walk, she came to discover God.

Author, 'Night's Bright Darkness�
'What I really wanted to present was falling in love, because real faith is falling in love. And once you really, really fall in love with Christ, then you only want to do what he wants and it doesn't take much to figure it out.�

Thus, life and love are portrayed through weaving the stories of her life together, creating one account of how an atheist in London ended up entering the Catholic Church in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, Italy.


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