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Rome Reports

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How a trip to Rome changed the lives of students

During these weeks, most of the tourists and pilgrims who arrive in Rome are students, like this group of girls with Spanish flags. "We've all come on an end-of-course trip. I found it super exciting, especially when the pope was traveling in the popemobile." "Since we started the course, we were told that we were going to do this trip and that the most important thing when we would arrive in Rome was we were going to have an audience with the pope." "I was very impressed that so many people gathered around a person just because of what that person represents. Everyone comes with a cheerful face, and I have not seen anyone crying or angry. That is how positivity and joy is transmitted, and it is impressive to see how it is transmitted throughout such a large group." ; For these students, it is an experience to get to know the artistic wonders of Italy, but also to deepen the message of Pope Francis. "My favorite message from the pope is that we cannot be couch potatoes, but Christians who advance ... That we do not have to sit around and wait for God to work miracles, because they happen if we have the initiative to advance and work hard and not just expect things to happen like that." After spending these days in Rome, they return home with suitcases full of gifts, memories, and ideas that will accompany them the rest of their lives. JMB-AQ/MB MG F - BN Up: JC