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Rome Reports

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The pope asks confessors to be available to attend to the people at all times

The pope met with dozens of present and future priests who participated in a course about confession. He reminded them that one becomes a good confessor by learning from life lessons. He shared three tips with them on how to do so: - That they cultivate prayer to be friends of God. In this way, they will realize that they too are sinners, and will not deal harshly with penitents. - That they be "men of discernment," and not apply the same prescription to everyone.  - That confession is a moment of formation. Give people advice that brings them closer to God.  POPE FRANCIS  "The confessor, in fact, is called daily to go to the peripheries of evil and sin - this is an ugly periphery! - and his work represents a true pastoral priority." Before leaving, the pope asked them to always be available to listen to confessions. Do not be  priests who "only confessâ? on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays," but rather every time someone asks for it, whenever it may be.  JMB/JC CTV ? - BN Up: AQ