President of Pontifical Academy of Social Science: Pope could have been a sociologist

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Pope Francis has sent this letter to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, asking them to devote more time and care to one issue in particular: social exclusion. 

He said that the rising number of 'social inequalities, migration, identity conflicts, new slavery, and environmental issues... are just some of the issues that trouble us todayâ? and he asked the Vatican Academy to look at new solutions that cater to the present time. 

It's President, Professor Margaret Archer, said she has one word which she could describe Pope Francis due to his world observations. 


President, Pontifical Academy Social Science

'I want to start with one word about Pope Francis which is probably something that has been said about him before, but I think it is extremely important. He could have been in a different vocation. He could have an excellent sociologist. Because everywhere he goes on his travels, and I'm just waiting to hear what he makes of Egypt, but everywhere he's been, he's a very acute observer. He notices somethings of great importance.�

The Academy thus held a five-day conference to further delve into this issue of social exclusion brought up by the pope, which is one role Academy researcher Zulu knows all about. 


Researcher, University of Natal (Africa)

'This social exclusion one is definitely a result of the pope's plea to look into this international problem and see what you think could be done to remedy it.�


These letters by Pope Francis are in no way new. They have been constantly coming to the Academy from the beginning, helping them align their mission with that of the Holy Father.  


President, Pontifical Academy Social Science

''How can we help you? we asked. 'We are your academy, what can we do?' He wrote this lovely envelope back in hand saying,'Please deal with human trafficking. Please don't forget trafficking in human organs - you know where they take a kidney and sell it - and then the second one was the dispossessed, the homeless, the 'cataneras,' the scavengers as we would translate it in English. This is what we are trying to do this week.�

The pope's observations not only come from Rome, where he has created projects to help include the homeless such as a laundromat, showers and barber shop, but from all over the world. 

After their conference at the Vatican, now the Pontifical Academy will present their findings to Pope Francis and see if they can help tackle this problem once and for all. 






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