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Amusing facts about Trump's papal visit in the Vatican

U.S. President Donald Trump's visit to the Vatican on Wednesday morning with a motorade of 62 vehicles was full of small humorous acts. He was greeted by German Archbishop Georg Ganswein who accompanied him through the Apostolic Palace and even had a comment hopefully the president could relate to.

 "This elevator is not like the Trump Tower in New York."  

Then, Pope Francis came to greet President Trump and the two exchanged initial words.  


"Thank you very much. This is such a great honor."  

While, there was no White House interpreter present, Msgr. Mark Miles from the Vatican was inside the 30 minute private meeting the two leaders held. Meanwhile, Melania and Ivanka Trump were waiting outside in their traditional black and veil, which is seen as a diplomatic gesture. When Melania entered to greet the Holy Father, the two exchanged some words before he blessed a rosary for her.   

"Do you give him ' potiza'?  

"What do you give him [Trump] to eat?" 


As for the gifts, Trump gave the pope a series of books.  

"They are books, some letters, from Martin Luther King."   

"Thank you. Thank you very much."  

The pope, on the other hand, had a theme with his gifts: peace. He gifted him the medallion representing peace.  

"This is a medallion made by a Roman artist with a olive tree, as a symbol of peace. It has two branches. The division of war in the middle and the olive tree is slowly trying to bring them together for peace."  

"We can use that. We could use peace."

 "It is my strongest desire that you can be an olive tree to make peace. And this is the Message of peace, and I signed it personally for you. It's the "Message of peaceâ? for this year."   

"Beautiful. Thank you very much."  

"These books here are letters that were sent to all Catholics, one about family, other on the Joy of the Gospel, and other on the Care of the environment."  

"Well, I'll be reading them."  

When leaving, Melania had to be told to salute the pope before she accidentally said goodbye in French.   

"Thank you very much. Thank you for the visit."   

"Thank you for visiting with us. Thank you for being with us. Au revoir. Thank you so much"

 Trump said goodbye to the pope with many "thank you's" and a firm handshake before saying this:

 "Thank you. Thank you. I won't forget what you said. Thank you."