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Cardinal Baldisseri: Launching a website for the youth for the upcoming synod

Walking hand in hand, images like this show the undeniable bond Pope Francis has struck with the youth. Now, he wants to understand what can be done to help them take their faith more seriously. Thus, the next Synod of Bishops will be entitled 'Young People, Faith, and Vocational Discernment.'  Taking place in October 2018, here to lead the synod is Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri. To date, the Vatican has released a preparatory document, which holds the key for the youth to be heard.  CARD. LORENZO BALDISSERI Secretary General, Synod of Bishops  "It's very important because at the end there is a questionnaire. This was given for the youth, and through this, the youth can respond and also ask other questions. We are open to speak with them, and want their presence. We want them to feel close to us. It was published in many languages, also in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian.â? Cardinal Baldisseri also announced that starting on June 14, this questionnaire will also be available at the new website created just for the synod.  CARD. LORENZO BALDISSERI Secretary General, Synod of Bishops  "We are launching a website next week for the youth. The youth; therefore, can speak with each other, and have a direct communication with the center, here in Rome. We are also thinking of gathering the youth before the synod assembly. It will not be easy to organize, but we will also see what criteria we will choose from, as well as with the bishops from the Episcopal Conferences. It's certain that we want to do something concrete." The youth will also be able to send questions and suggestions regarding how the Church can help them, which will help the synod reach its ultimate goal.  CARD. LORENZO BALDISSERI Secretary General, Synod of Bishops  "The young are open, and being young means having to make life decisions, to make choices. We want, as a Church, to offer them a track, to accompany these young in their choice and in their maturation of that same choice. To distinguish what is good, what's opportune or not. It's not possible to do it alone, one needs help, accompaniment is very important." It's not uncommon for Pope Francis to take notes when hearing the testimonies of young people. In October 2018, it seems that they will be put to good use.  JC -RR F -PR Up:JS