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Venice organizes a multisensory exhibition to pay homage to Antonio Vivaldi

We are in Venice, the city of gondolas; a magical place where one of the most renowned Italian musicians of all time, Antonio Vivaldi, was born.

Here, in the Diocesan Museum, his city gives him a very special tribute, with the exhibition entitled "Viva Vivaldi.”

Art director of "Viva Vivaldi"
“It's a journey through great halls and a beautiful cloister, to enter into the mystery of one of the greatest artists of the world, in his city of Venice; the city that made him who he is, and to discover many things we do not know about this genius.”

Creator of "Viva Vivaldi"
"It's an exhibition on display. It's the revival of this very interesting person through sounds, images, music, smells and sensations. All of which explain his life and show it to visitors in a different way."

The visit is like going back to one of his concerts, listening and experiencing the magic of his compositions. It does so with these spectacular projections throughout the rooms of the museum. 

Creator of "Viva Vivaldi"
"Vivaldi is the most famous Italian artist in the world, and his melodies are the most performed. Here we can meet and experience him through his questions, anxieties and hopes, as well as what inspired him.”

Artistic director of "Viva Vivaldi"
“There are things that if you do not find them and look for them, in today's age where the world is changing, you can lose them. While the world is changing, there is the danger of losing the most important things. Vivaldi tells us about our past, and we must carry him into the future so as not to become impoverished.”

It is a very original exhibition, that is dedicated to a musician and pays tribute to the composer of “The Four Seasons.” An unforgettable, and magical show.