New discoveries on the Holy Shroud: it contains the blood of a tortured man

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The American scientific journal PlosOne has published the results of new experiments completed on the Holy Shroud of Turin.

They prove that the person who was wrapped in the canvas suffered atrocious torture. This is true because of the creatinine and iron hydroxide particles found on the canvas, thanks to the latest technologies. These particles are not found in a healthy organism.

Author, 'La Sindone, Storia e Misteri'
'It may seem banal. How is it possible that this conclusion cannot be reached by looking at all that bloody and bloated body? Those who denied the authenticity of the Shroud said that it was a work of art and some invented the rumor that it was the work of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Emanuela Marinelli is one of the world's greatest experts on the Shroud of Turin. She says that this discovery confirms that the blood found on it is human and has not been put on the canvas by an artist.

Author, 'La Sindone, Storia e Misteri'
'It is not the blood of a chicken as some have said. Neither is it pig blood as one of the scientists who did the Carbon 14 test said. It's human blood. We even know the blood type. It also isn't blood that someone later put on the canvas. It is blood that has clotted on the skin of a tortured and murdered person, and has then been partially liquefied upon contact with the sheet.'

The Shroud not only entices Christians, but those of other religions. In her last book, Emanuela Marinelli shows that also the Muslims in the thirteenth century already recognized its existence.

Author, 'La Sindone, Storia e Misteri'
'The new announcement in the book is that we show Muslim sources who were unknown and say that in the southeast of Turkey there was a canvas with the imprint of Christ. This is an important confirmation of its existence because it is not a Christian source. Many Christian sources already speak of the existence of the Shroud in Turkey.'

The Church has not made an official announcement on the authenticity of the Shroud, even though it is one of the objects most revered by Christians. In addition, it is guarded in a cathedral where past popes have gone to pray before it.

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