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Pope prays for victims from the U.S. hurricane and monsoon rains in South Asia

On Sunday, Pope Francis prayed for the victims of Hurricane Harvey, which has caused 40 deaths and left 30,000 evacuees in the United States.

"I want to express my live participation in the suffering of the people from Texas and Louisiana, affected by a hurricane and abundant rains, which have caused victims, thousands of displaced people and enormous material damages."

The pope also remembered victims of intense rains in South Asia. At this point, there have been at least 700 victims and millions of people displaced in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Pope Francis also had a brief homily, in which he said that it is not possible to live a "easy" Christian life.

"Always, even today, the temptation is to follow a Christ without a cross, rather, to teach God the right path. But Jesus reminds us that His way is the way of love, and that it is not true love if it does not include self-sacrifice."

Pope Francis explained that the formula to happiness is to live for others, instead of seeking one's own interest.

"To spend one's talents, one's energy and one's time only in saving oneself, protecting oneself and fulfilling oneself, leads one to lose oneself in a sad and barren existence."

Before leaving, the pope spoke off the cuff to greet this Italian group who wished him a safe trip to Colombia, where he will go on Wednesday.