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Pope in audience: "A person who has everything in life does not know what hope is"

Before beginning the General Audience, the pope toured St. Peter's Square in his popemobile and greeted children of various nationalities.

He dedicated his audience to launching Caritas' new campaign, “Share the Journey,” for migrants. Thus, he continued to focus on hope, pointing out the enemies of hope. He assured that those who are given everything in life, are deprived of the most important lessons and values.

"Sometimes, having everything in life is a misfortune. Think of a young man who has never been taught the virtue of waiting and patience, who did not have to sweat for anything, who has forged ahead and at 20 years old 'already knows how the world works.' He is destined to the worst condemnation: to never want anything else."

Pope Francis described hope as the engine that drives people, and migrants, to pursue their dreams, even when things are not necessarily going their way.

Addressing the Caritas campaign for refugees and immigrants, he said they are the people who carry the most hope. He invited everyone to “share the journey and hope.”

"Hope is the motivation in the heart of those who flee, leaving behind their home, their land, sometimes their relatives and friends, think of the immigrants, in search of a better life. Hope is the motivation to "share the journey" of life, as the Caritas campaign that we inaugurate today reminds us. Brothers and sisters, yes, for Caritas. Mr. President... Brothers and sisters, do not be afraid to share the journey! Do not be afraid! Let us not be afraid to share hope!"

This attractive new campaign from Caritas calls on all communities with the goal to integrate the most disadvantaged into society. It is a two-year campaign and the pope hopes that it will cultivate a “culture of encounter.”