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“Two Crowns” film premieres in the Vatican, revealing life of St. Maxilimilan Kolbe

Polish St. Maximilian Kolbe's life was recounted at the Vatican Film Library through the premiere of the fictional and documentary-style film, “Two Crowns.” 

The director and the leading actor came to Rome for the event, and explained why they feel it is important for this film to be shown from the Holy See, so this saint's story can be heard. 

Director, “Two Crowns”
“I want to interest people all around the world in the story of St. Maximilian Kolbe, who is known generally because he gave his life for another person in Auschwitz. But he also did many impossible things, which is very interesting, in Japan, in Italy, in Poland. I feel his life is perfectly prepared for the movies.”

Actor, “Two Crowns”
"When Pope Francis was in Auschwitz-Birkenau and he passed through the gates, he went to the place where Maximilian Kolbe died in prison and to the room where he died. I think that up until this moment, not many people knew about St. Maximilian Kolbe, but because of the pope´s silence in that moment, and because of this film today, many people will learn about him.”

The director says he only spent $300,000 on the movie, even though it was filmed in three countries. As such, “Two Crowns” has gathered a following and gives a sense of pride to those who know his story and especially share his nationality.

Director, Polish Institute in Rome
“This year is the year of Maxilimilan Kolbe and we also want to participate in the different events, including this completely new film shown tonight.”

President, The Militia of the Immaculata International
“I see a full and complete movie, put together with actors but also with a documentary part with experts who talk about him. It covers both the historical and spiritual points of view.”

Head of the Polish Prime Minister's office
“This day is a great day not only for the Poles, or for Europeans, but to all people all over the world, because Maximilian Kolbe also went to Japan and many other countries. So he is important now and forever.”

Ambassador of Poland to the Holy See
“This person is more and more actual in our days, when there are so many people suffering and there are so many Christians being killed. I think that the brave Maximilian Kolbe can be always a saint in our days.”

In addition to the Vatican, the film has premiered during the Cannes Film Festival and also in New York and various other cities in the United States. It will be translated into Spanish, English and Italian from its original Polish. The director says it is a way to share Kolbe's missionary message of evangelization to the world.