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Pontifical Academy for Life: Technology also focuses on the body of humans

The Pontifical Academy for Life gathered members from 36 countries in the Vatican with the goal to find an alliance between the science of technology and the dignity of human life, which is being threatened by society today.

Chancellor, Pontifical Academy for Life

“This year the theme is 'Accompanying Life: New Responsibilities in the Technological Era.' The discussions we are having here require a responsible response from all believers in the Church and all people of good will.”

Scientific Section, Pontifical Academy for Life

"Biotechnology has a strong impact on man's life. It relates to the body and is not merely a matter of the environment, technology and equilibrium of the planet. The novelty is showing that our scientific technology also focus on the internal environment of the human person.”

Expert on Christian Ethics, St. Paul Institute (Brazil)

"Human beings are all different from one another. The concept of dignity means, respecting everyone with their differences, respecting differences, accepting differences as an integral part of our human essence. We are worthy of humanity because of our differences, our limits and our powers, and because of the capacities we share as human beings."

President, Pontifical Academy for Life

"Life is ours. Life is the population in the world. Life is the people living in a common home. It is their humanistic interweaving of inspiration, of justifications, of love, of smallness of life that must help to translate the technique to a fairer, better society.”

During the conference, they studied the impact of recent advancements on human life and the relationship between technology, justice, and economic resources.

After joining together and sharing ideas, one thing is certain, their work is definitely cut out for them as each member returns to his or her country and spreads this concept of human dignity.