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Rome Reports

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From Córdoba to Rome to sing for the pope

They come from Spain in order for their voices to be heard throughout Rome. They’re the Orchestra and the Choir of the Cathedral of Córdoba and now they’ve accomplished a dream: singing for Pope Francis.

They are accompanied by the Bishop of Córdoba and are in Italy to tour after recording their first album, entitled “Te Deum, la música en la catedral de Córdoba.”

Director of the Orchestra and the Choir
“Together with the Holy Father and a tour that ends Saturday, we’re presenting “Te Deum, la música en la Catedral de Córdoba.” It is the first album edited by a group from the Spanish cathedral, and the music we perform in the Cathedral of Córdoba is shown and appreciated.”

They say they greeted the pope in a “very beautiful and profound” way, and that Pope Francis even joked with them.

Bishop of Córdoba, Spain
“They put us with a group of singers from Córdoba, child singers from Córdoba. But those children from Córdoba were from Córdoba, Argentina, and we were from Córdoba, Spain. They put us together because they didn’t differentiate. Then I said to the pope, ‘Look, they’re from Córdoba, but we’re also from Córdoba.’ He said, ‘You are the mother city, and they are the children.’”

The bishop assures that this experience will lead to “a consecration and an impetus in this work of praising God.”

With the intention of “helping the Christian community unite with God through sacred music,” they bid farewell in order to continue their pilgrimage around to different Roman basilicas.