Pope Francis: It hurts me to see them using mobile phones in Mass (lay, priests and bishops)

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It bothers Pope Francis when people take photos of him with their mobile phones during Mass, especially if the person is a priest or bishop.

“It upsets me when I celebrate Mass in the square or in the basilica and I see so many mobile phones in the air, not only from the faithful, but also from some priests and bishops... Please... Mass is not a show, it is going to the encounter of the Passion and Resurrection of the Lord.”

The pope said during the next few months he will speak about the Eucharist at the Wednesday catecheses to explain the meaning of the Mass.

“Have you seen how the children make the sign of the cross? You don't know what they're doing, if it's the sign of the cross or a drawing. They do it like this and don't know how... We need to learn and teach the children to do it correctly. That's how the Mass begins, life begins, the day begins. It means we have been saved by the Cross of the Lord. Look at the children and teach them to make the sign of the cross correctly.”

Pope Francis reminded that, just as many martyrs gave their lives to defend the Eucharist, there are Christians today who risk different types of persecution to go to Mass. He asked Catholics to stop and reflect on the Mass' meaning.

“Think... When you go to Mass, the Lord is there. You get distracted, daydream... but the Lord is there. Let's think about this... 'Father, but Masses are boring.' 'What does the Lord say that is boring?' 'No, no, not the Mass, the priests.' Well the priests should change! The Lord is there, though. Understood? Don't forget it.”

This is the seventh catechesis series from Pope Francis. In addition to finishing the Year of the Faith series that Benedict XVI began, the pope has dedicated catecheses to the sacraments, the Holy Spirit's gifts, the Church, the family, the joy of mercy and hope. 

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