Pope Francis receives Lamborghini to help prostitution victims

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Pope Francis greeted everyone as a sign of respect, even the Swiss guard on duty at the Casa Santa Maria entrance. 

Staff from Lamborghini, the luxury car brand, awaited him outside the residence. 

“Your Holiness. It's a privilege for us to be here with you.”

The pope greeted Stefano Domenicali, president of Lamborghini since 2014. He spent the 23 previous years in Formula 1 with Ferrari.

This is the Huracán model they presented to Pope Francis, a one-of-a-kind edition of one of Lamborghini's best models. It's a combination of luxury and power, complete with the Vatican color scheme.

First, Pope Francis signed it.

Then, he blessed it.

“Thank you so much, and pray for me.”

Now, he will send it to an auction. The money raised will go to three large humanitarian projects.

The first one helps Christians who fled the Islamic State to return to their homes in the Nineveh Plains in Iraq.

The second aids female victims of human trafficking and prostitution. 

The third involves two social initiatives. One foundation operates on children in Africa whose hands have been wounded or amputated. Another assists with development programs in the Central African Republic.

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