New short film answers: 'Am I loved with my brokenness, wounds and sin?'

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Each person longs for love, a love that satisfies and accepts the other with no restrictions. Christopher West, famous for his explanations on Theology of the Body, has just released a short film called “Cry of the Heart” that delves into the topic of love and answers the following questions.

Creator, Cry of the Heart

“The question that's really haunted me is, 'Am I loved when those masks are off? Am I loved when I'm stripped and standing there naked with all my warts and brokenness and wounds and sinfulness?' It's so liberating to know that we're really, really loved as we are. We don't have to win God's approval. We don't have to be perfect.”

He says, he's spent his life wearing and hiding behind these masks, because of fear, and only presenting a part of himself to the world. Through John Paul II's teaching on Theology of the Body, he's realized the true desire of the heart and how filling that void with anything else will not bring happiness. 

Creator, Cry of the Heart

“The 'Cry of the Heart,' again is to see another and to be seen by that 'other's' loving look. When we know we're seen by another's loving look, it changes our lives.”

He continued by saying only God offers this unconditional love each person craves, but many people look for it in others or in a material or physical way. This is where John Paul II's teaching comes in to explain how the body and the person can be truly loved and not used for personal gain.

Creator, Cry of the Heart

“This is where the battle in the modern world is today. The modern world is telling us the body is meaningless. The Church holds out to the world, and John Paul II so brilliantly unfolds that the body reveals ultimate meaning. Theology of the Body is like a pair of glasses that we put on to view and see with new eyes the whole body of theology.”

His short, nearly 20-minute film recounts his personal experience in life and how he came to understand and recognize the desires of his heart and trade in his masks for ultimate freedom.

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