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A virtual Advent calendar to prepare for Christmas 2.0

“Have you thought about how you can prepare your heart for Christ this Christmas?”

This is the thought-provoking question that begins this promotional video for the Advent calendar from the interactive platform Xt3

Each year, new Advent calendars are created to help Christians pray and reflect in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Thus, the Archdiocese of Sydney has decided to personalize one of its own on its website. 

It's a virtual calendar that can be accessed online or on the Xt3 Advent Calendar app. Like this, upon clicking on a date, a Christmas-themed image appears along with the day's readings or a short reflection.

Digital Media Manager, Xt3

“The idea of an Advent Calendar started a couple of years ago. It's been running for about five years now, and we wanted to have an online advent calendar where, every day leading up to Christmas, a new door would open with new content about faith. So articles, videos, podcasts to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus.”

Xt3 is a platform that particularly targets young people. Therefore, the site shares its content with schools and parishes, delivering religion more directly. 

Digital Media Manager, Xt3

“So Xt3 wants to create content for schools, youth groups, youth ministeries, to help teachers and youth ministers to share the faith in a relevant way to young people. We find videos and podcasts are a really great way to do that.”

The social network was created after World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney. Now, the city is preparing to welcome the Australian Catholic Youth Festival, which will join some 19,000 young people.