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Pope Francis explains importance of silence in Mass

Along the aisles of the Paul VI Audience Hall, the pope was able to greet the many groups, couples and children and receive their gifts. 

On this occasion, Pope Francis spoke about the meaning of the “Gloria” and “Opening Prayer,” in which silence is key. During the latter, the priest gathers the intentions of those present to offer them to God. The Holy Father asked pastors to be solemn in this moment.

“I strongly urge the priests to observe this moment of silence, don't be in a hurry. Let us pray in silence. I urge the priests to do this.”

The pope explained the importance of silence in the Mass because its meaning varies depending on the moment.  

“During the penitential rite and after the invitation to pray, it helps with concentration; after the reading or homily, it's a call to briefly meditate on what was heard; after communion, it encourages interior prayer of praise and petition.”

Pope Francis explained the liturgy is a school of prayer and, thus, suggested a deep awareness of it.