Faces painted using fruits and animals, Arcimboldo genius is seen for first time in Rome

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He can be considered one of the fathers of caricature. His complex and unique burlesque style, makes him one of the most original painters in art history. Giuseppe Arcimboldo's art arrives in Rome for the first time, with an exhibition featuring his best works.

Curator of the Exhibition

“It seeks to transmit a new possibility for expression in painting which goes after the game, the paradox, the irony and many other things. Because his works are placed at the beginning of the genre of caricature.”

This 16th century Italian painter did not leave behind any single great work, rather his style is so different that he has not been forgotten. His paintings were not appreciated for a very long time. It was only in the 20th century that surrealists discovered a source of inspiration in the double meaning of the artist's works.

Curator of the Exhibition

“Changes in taste over successive centuries, lead us to the time of the surrealists in the 1930s. In a show in New York, his works were placed next to the Surrealists and the Dadaists. Thus, he sort of became 'the patriarch' of all modern contemporary artists, and ever since has been valued as a contemporary artist.”

In this exhibition in Rome, his most famous works have been brought together in “Four Seasons...”

Arcimboldo composed his works not only with fruits and vegetables, but he also used animals. In this painting, “The Water,” the face is formed from marine wildlife.

One of the most outstanding works in the exhibition is this one, “The Earth,” which has not been on public display for 40 years. It belonged to a private collection, and its new owner lent it for the show.

The unmistakable portraits of this artist are full of details and originality. They are the perfect combination of fantasy and reality on a single canvas. Therefore, to contemplate one of these paintings is, in reality, like contemplating dozens of them at the same time.

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