Pope Francis sends former Vatican abuse prosecutor to Chile to listen to victims

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When he returned from his trip to Chile, the pope said there was no evidence for a case against Bishop Juan Barros. However, he also told victims that if they had proof against the former secretary for Fr. Fernando Karadima, they should mention it as soon as possible.

January 22, 2018
'In the case of Barros, it was observed, it was studied... there's no evidence. That's what I meant to say. I don't have evidence to convict him. If I convicted him without evidence, or without moral certainty, I would commit an offense of poor judgment. The best thing to do, is for those who believe this is the case to provide evidence quickly. If they believe that's truly the case. At this time, I don't believe it's so, because there's no evidence. My heart is open to receive it, though.'

A week later, the pope has sent Archbishop Charles Scicluna to Santiago, Chile. He is the former prosecutor for cases of abuse with and has a reputation as being relentless with abusers.

As the Vatican explains, he will listen to those who have volunteered to share certain elements that they possess.

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