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Pope Francis fights corruption with invisible ministry

According to Transparency International, Somalia, South Sudan, North Korea and Syria are the most corrupt countries in the world, especially from a business and governmental standpoint. 

However, corruption is not a problem that remains isolated. In fact, the International Director of the World Network of Prayer for the Pope explains that those who are corrupt also infect others. 

Director, World Network of Prayer for the Pope

“Pope Francis, from the beginning, has been talking about the importance of corruption, even most recently on his trip to Peru. Corruption is, as he says, is like a plague, like cancer. Which are very strong words. It's a disease, that not only could be others, but could be me, could be us. It's also in society and in the Church, no? So it is a form of spiritual warfare, and for this reason I think the reform he is doing in the Church stresses the importance of corruption."

That is why for the month of February, this video was created in conjunction with the Dicastery for Integral Human Development as a way for Pope Francis to directly combat this “plague” or “cancer” affecting society.

Prefect, Dicastery for Integral Human Development

"The suggestion in this video is that we cannot remain silent in the face of corruption, we should denounce it. Probably not to simply denounce it, but to talk about it and show others that it negatively impacts my own life. It is the decision of the Holy Father to invite the world to pray about this as a recognition for us as a Church of a very normal procedure.”

Director, World Network of Prayer for the Pope

“The invisible ministry of Pope Francis is prayer. You can't see it, but without prayer, the Church's mission is impossible.”

Thus, to face this worldly problem, especially affecting businesses and governments around the world, Pope Francis is praying that “those who have material, political or spiritual power can resist any lure of corruption.”