Dublin church with St. Valentine's relics promotes a different kind of romance

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While chocolates, romantic dinners, flowers and an average of about 150 million cards are exchanged on Valentine's Day, the World Meeting of Families 2018 in Dublin is offering another option to help couples grow in their love this year: tokens.

Available throughout Ireland, these free tokens offer various ways for couples to rekindle their spark and remember the importance of their love. Options include taking time to remember how they met, go for a family outing, a technology free evening together, time together to pray and one more, chosen by this engaged Irish couple. 

“We picked go for a hand-in-hand walk together.”

“The most time I enjoyed being with her was when we went for nice walks together.”

The tokens are meant to invite couples to grow in love and unite families like never before. 

They are symbolically available at the Carmelite Church in Whitefriar Street, Dublin, where St. Valentine's relics also reside. In telling St. Valentine's traditional story, as a priest in Rome, prayer requests can be made to the patron saint of couples who are in love, preparing for marriage or are already married.

It's just one more way the World Meeting of Families is looking to promote the family and reflect on Pope Francis' words in Amoris Laetitia as they gear up for the big event in Dublin from August 21-26. 

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