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Can you complete the Be Blessed Challenge?

Throughout every encounter in daily life, there is something that makes Christians stand apart from other people, virtue. Now there is a special program geared at increasing this in each and every person, regardless of their beliefs: Be Blessed Challenge. 

Be Blessed Challenge

“The Be Blessed Challenge is different because is goes right to the heart of who we are as human beings, basically our desire for happiness. So we ask that everyone take this 'Be Blessed Challenge' because we're not just worried about raising awareness of this or that, but going to the heart of what we want in life. The heart, which is the desire to be happy.”

Be Blessed Challenge offers living out each beatitude in a special way for eight consecutive days. To help encourage participants, there is a workbook, book and DVD to help lead the way, called “Kingdom of Happiness: Living the Beatitudes in Everyday Life.” 

Fr. Kirby does not hide the fact that following Jesus is difficult and requires one to “die to themselves” so they can live fully in Christ and ultimately be happy. It is the same when trying to live out the beatitudes.

Be Blessed Challenge

“We ask everyone to take this eight-day challenge, to live for eight days these beatitudes. So take them very seriously to try to live them intentionally. And that challenge, this challenge we are offering, it's for everyone. So the challenge can be taken by anyone who wants happiness.”

With new incites everyday, this challenge delves into each beatitude, ranging from discussing the poor in spirit to the meek to those who are persecuted. It's a great way to gain a new outlook on mundane tasks and also reach a whole new level in charity.