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Rome Reports

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Thousands of tourists and natives head into streets of Rome to enjoy snow in the Vatican

Images of snow and children making snowmen are usually associated with Christmas. Nevertheless, the city of Rome awoke covered in a large white blanket just days before the beginning of March. 

An unexpected cold front produced images like these. The last time it snowed in Rome was six years ago. That's why both tourists and natives headed into the streets to enjoy this special occasion. 

“It was wonderful, a very beautiful feeling. It's an extraordinary occurrence because it never snows here.”

“The dome covered in snow has a special effect. It's even more beautiful and fascinating.”

Upon getting up in the morning, some discovered it was impossible to take the car to work, but still decided to seize the day. 

“I'm a photographer and I couldn't miss this opportunity, which is more unique than rare. Now, I'll go to the Colosseum and by all of the city's emblematic places to remember this day.”

There are also those who have come from around the world and never would've expected to see Rome covered in snow.

“We've been in Rome for two days. We came to do a tour of Europe and we never thought we would have seen it like this. Snow gives it a different and wonderful touch.”

“We're from Utah. I brought my niece here to enjoy the Vatican. I love it out here. It's beautiful even though we are used to the snow. Some guy in our hostel was telling me this hasn't happened in that long, so I don't mind it. I just love being here. I'm enjoying every moment of it.”

Although the city's streets and mass transit systems have been blocked, some people knew to take advantage of the moment. As the pope said in one of his latest public appearances, one must see the positive side of things, even when the weather isn't favorable.