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Pope to Benedictines: Your monasteries and convents allow people to hear God's voice

Pope Francis commemorated the 125th anniversary of the Monks of the Benedictine Confederation and the laying of the first stone at St. Anselm Primatial Abbey in Rome.    

The Abbot Primate Gregory J. Polan spoke a few words before the pope thanked the Benedictines for their work for the past 1500 years.    

Abbot Primate  

“Our history has highlighted not only the importance of learning notions and knowledge, but also the need to grow in wisdom.” 

Then the pope recalled their motto: Prayer, work, study and encouraged them to continue in this important work for the Church and for world, placing hospitality at the center, as a part of new evangelization.    


“In this age, in which people are so busy that they do not have enough time to listen to the voice of God, your monasteries and convents become like oases, where men and women of all ages, backgrounds, cultures and religions can discover the beauty of silence and rediscover themselves - in harmony with creation - allowing God to restore a proper order in their lives.” 

He thanked them for their work in ecumenism and interreligious dialogue while welcoming people from all walks of life. He said this charism leads to to “the opportunity to welcome Christ in every person who arrives, helping those who seek God to receive the spiritual gifts He has in store.”