Pope Francis in Nomadelfia: There's no place here for isolation or solitude, keep it that way

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Pope Francis visited a small Catholic community, but a very significant one. It's called Nomadelfia. Here, they live like the first Christian communities, sharing everything. 

The pope visited the tomb of its founder, Fr. Zeno Saltini. After World War II, the priest took in orphaned or abandoned children before later deciding to give them a family. Various mothers dedicated themselves to being their mothers “by vocation.” Eventually, married couples also arrived. Since then, they've been treating their adopted children the same as their biological ones. 

Members told Pope Francis the community's story through this musical spectacle. 

“Many people think Nomadelfia is a utopia.”

“If we want a different world, though, the only thing to do is live like it already exists.”

During the visit, the pope met with many families, like these two, who live their Christian vocation in this way. 

“We're a married couple from Nomadelfia, we were born here and grew up here. We got married 25 years ago and have 11 children.”

“I'm a mother by vocation. I've been here for 30 years.”

“Facing the suffering of orphaned or marginalized children, Don Zeno understood the only language they understood was that of love. Thus, he was able to identify a unique type of society in which there is no place for isolation or solitude, but rather applies the principle of collaboration among families, in which its members see themselves as siblings in the faith.”

“I urge you all to continue this lifestyle, trusting in the strength of the Gospel and the Holy Spirit, through your limpid Christian testimony.”

As mementos, they gave the Holy Father numerous gifts, which he said he liked because they were simple and demonstrated the family spirit – a book of drawings and another with photos. 

“Our home is your home.”

Before the pope left, this couple, who is getting married in a few weeks, asked Pope Francis to bless their marriage, which he happily obliged. 

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