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The power of the rosary has been transmitted to the screen in an 80-minute collection of rosary testimonies. “Power in my Hands” shares the stories of many to successfully validate the power praying the rosary has on people's lives.

Co-director, “Power in my Hands”
“We follow lots of different people that we've found around the country who've just had powerful stories about the rosary and Mary's intercession in their lives. Through their praying of the rosary, they got through difficult times with an estranged father, with cancer, with a child with a disability, lots of difficult times.”

It's a story of faith, encompassing the origin of the prayer. It includes moments when praying the rosary changed the course of history for the better and how it continues to do so with today's challenges. 

“These are truly kind of life or death issues. Abortion... What is marriage? Does God exist? Why am I here?”

Co-director, “Power in my Hands”
“I think the rosary and this project 'Power in my Hands,' give me the ability to speak about difficult issues like abortion and marriage and atrocities in the world, in war, throughout the world because they encourage me, or they empower me to just be God's witness in the world.”

Co-director, “Power in my Hands”
“Today one of the biggest issues that we're facing is abortion and the war on marriage. With all of those pressures, being adults and having the possibility to affect real change in the world, we have a real responsibility to discuss these things and be transformative in the world.”

This film shows that this responsibility can simply be taken on in prayer, praying for one's family, country and the world.  

Co-director, “Power in my Hands”
'It may be a little risky, as a film maker, to make something that is sharing your religion and baring all of these things in a very public way. I feel incredibly grateful to have been able to work on a film that shares so much about our faith and what we believe in, while doing what we love.”

The film is premiering in cities all around the United States until mid-July. After that, DVDs will be available starting in August. It's the perfect way to kick-start one's prayer life and share the “hope and power of prayer.”

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