Pope Francis: “There are no bosses in the Church, we are all the Church”

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Pope Francis ventured out on a hot morning in Rome to pass through St. Peter's Square in the popemobile before the General Audience and greet pilgrims from around the world. 

As usual, he made sure to greet the little ones, some of whom were happier than others...

Later, in his catechesis, the Holy Father spoke of Confirmation, and the importance of not viewing the rite selfishly. 

“It's always receive in order to give. One never receives and keeps things inside as if the soul were a storage room. No! One always receives in order to give. The Graces of God are received to be given.”

The pope explained that, though Confirmation is only received once, its spiritual strength endures. 

Pope Francis said some people have the wrong view of the Church, which is not composed of individual parts, but is rather an entire body. 

“Some think there are bosses in the Church: bishops, the pope, bishops, priests and later the workers, who are the rest. No! We are all the Church. Everyone! And we all have the responsibility of sanctifying each other.”

The Holy Father urged Christians to experience this rite with the intention of helping the most disadvantaged. He warned of the dangers of talking too much and hypocrisy after receiving the peace of Confirmation. 

“And what happens after? We go out and start speaking badly of others. We speak badly of others, and the gossiping begins, and gossip is war. That's not how this works. If we have received the symbol of peace with the strength of the Holy Spirit, we must be men and women of peace.”

The pope invited Christians to let themselves be guided by the Holy Spirit and face their lives with courage, and he quoted a phrase from his latest Apostolic Exhortation, “Let's remember that what is closed ends up smelling of humidity and making us ill.”

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