Real Madrid goalkeeper tells how his faith in God helped him reach the top

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This movie details how dreams come true. It's the story of a child born in rural Costa Rica who made it to world soccer's highest level, the story of someone for whom the word “impossible” doesn't exist. 

Real Madrid goalkeeper
“When I was young, I heard people saying, 'That's impossible.' It sparked something inside of me, and I told myself, 'Impossible? I don't see anything impossible. There might be things I can't obtain, but I'm going to do whatever it takes to get them.' I've always been very stubborn. If I can't do something well, I try again and again until I can.”

“Keylor Navas, man of faith” is a fictional film that tells how Keylor Navas achieved world soccer glory as goalkeeper for one of the best teams, Real Madrid. 

It's not just a movie about a man considered the best player from his country, though, but also an inspirational story of faith. 

Real Madrid goalkeeper
“There were always tests, but now, I realize God was always caring for me because, despite many trials, God was always there.”

Over the course of the film, viewers witness the difficulties Navas overcame on his way to professional soccer's highest level. He became a goalkeeper at age 5. By age 14, he was living alone to dedicate himself to his passion. Now, he's won 10 of the most prestigious titles with Real Madrid. 

Real Madrid goalkeeper
“From a young age, I always loved soccer, but I wasn't able to have everything I wanted. Many times, I played without gloves, I didn't have cleats. All of those things, when someone has a larger, more important dream, they help and motivate you to keep going.”

The movie was filmed in Costa Rica and Spain, in places as symbolic as the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. 

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