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Pope Francis to top oil executives: “No room for opportunistic and cynical efforts”

Top gas and oil executives attended a two-day Vatican conference on “Energy Transition and Care for our Common Home.” 

In his address to the nearly 40 participants, Pope Francis urged them to convert to clean energy, referencing the relationship between the environment and social issues. 

“Coming up with an adequate energy 'mix' is essential for combating pollution, eliminating poverty and promoting social equality. These aspects are often mutually reinforcing, since cooperation in the energy field affects the relief of poverty, the promotion of social inclusion and the protection of the environment.”

Citing the ramifications for future generations, the Holy Father called world leaders in various sectors to refrain from only focusing on temporary gains. 

“Political decisions, social responsibility on the part of the business community and criteria governing investments – all these must be guided by the pursuit of the long-term common good and concrete solidarity between generations. There should be no room for opportunistic and cynical efforts to gain small partial results in the short run, while shifting equally significant costs and damages to future generations.”

The conference was attended by representatives from leading companies, including ExxonMobil, BP and Royal Dutch Shell.