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Rome Reports

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Pope's surprise visit to foundation of people with disabilities

Even on the weekend, the pope is still making surprise visits around Rome. This Sunday, he appeared at “Durante e dopo di Noi. Casa OSA” (During and after Us. Associated Health Care Workers House), on the outskirts of Rome, where people with severe disabilities are cared for.

"What a gift you have given us."

Two hundred residents from the center were present. Among them was Pedro, a little boy who was not shy about approaching the pope to embrace him.

He was not the only one. During the speech, some rose from their chairs to greet the pope in the most genuine and spontaneous way.

"What is your name?"


The pope listened to their new project that will help improve the life and autonomy of the people at the center. Then some of the residents offered him gifts.

"This is the class book we've made. Open it, because all our thoughts are inside."

Before leaving, the pope blessed this pregnant woman, who could not contain her emotion.

It was just another one of the many gestures that make Francis a unique pope, being empathetic and close to those who need him the most.