Australia might gain their second Catholic saint

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Australia could soon be adding a second saint from their country, Eileen O'Connor. She is known for co-founding Our Lady's Nurses of the Poor in 1913, an order that still exists today.

The Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney is helping investigate and assess if Eileen’s cause should proceed and what merits her potential sainthood.

Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney
“What makes her interesting and attractive in the faith is the fact that she received the love of God into her heart and she multiplied that love and then gave it to others. One of her heroic virtues is this amazing capacity to love.”

She was a very small woman, since she broke her spine at age three, leaving her paralyzed. Despite this, she proved her love for others by helping the poor, sick and the dying right in their own homes, which was the mission of her religious order.

Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney
“In the early 20th century here in Sydney, Eileen O'Connor identified a real need for working with the poor and the sick and particularly those who were house-bound or couldn't afford medical treatment. Through prayer and the assistance of one of the local priests, she founded a group of religious sisters to be able to go out in the homes of people; poor people, who couldn't afford hospital treatment or medical treatment. It was revolutionary at the time.”

While she didn't have a high-level education, through prayer, obedience to God and her desire to be close to the Blessed Mother, she was able to bring God to others. 

Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney
'I think Eileen's contribution and the way she lived her faith is inspirational and it's something that can encourage all people in the Church in Australia and beyond. I think Australians will rejoice to see another faithful woman, born here, raised to the altars.”

While there is a Rome-based postulator fighting for the cause of her beatification and later canonization, no concrete steps have been taken as of yet. The Church is waiting for a miracle with her intercession and then the cause will continue. 

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