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Pope in Angelus: Remembers fisherman on Sea Sunday and the World Cup

In his Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis recounted a bit of his trip to Bari and also prayed for seafarers and fisherman on the Church's remembrance of Sea Sunday. 

“I pray for them and their families, as well as for the chaplains and volunteers of the Apostolate of the Sea. A special memory for those who live in situations of unworthy work at sea; as well as for those who are committed to freeing the seas from pollution.”

He also reflected on the Gospel of the day, when Jesus returns to Nazareth and begins to work signs and preach. The pope mentions the thinking of the townspeople at the time. 

“He is a carpenter; He hasn’t studied, yet He preaches better than the scribes and works miracles. And, instead of opening themselves to the reality, they are scandalized. FLASH In fact, it can happen in our days also that prejudices are fueled, which impede accepting the reality.”

The pope said instead of this, the Lord invites us to listening humbly and have docile expectations. He said God’s grace can itself in surprising ways, which aren't always the same as one's expectations. 

After the catechesis, before leaving, he displayed his love for soccer and the World Cup by encouraging a specific team, who was just defeated.

“I see the Brazilian flag. I greet the Brazilians: courage. There will be another opportunity.”