French fictional film explores Marian apparitions

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“The Apparition” is a new French fictional film about a journalist hired by the Vatican to investigate a young girl claiming to have been visited by the Virgin Mary. 

“It is a commission appointed by religious authorities to investigate a particular event such as a miraculous healing, an apparition or a supernatural event.”

'What do you mean by 'a supernatural event'?”

According to Michael O'Neill, best known as “The Miracle Hunter”, an expert on Marian apparitions and mystical experiences of saints, the film provides an accurate portrayal of how the Catholic Church usually investigates the authenticity of apparitions. 

The Miracle Hunter
“They actually use the current document that the bishops use in miracle investigations.” “And little details like the blood type found in the Eucharist miracles and shroud of Turin being AB, or even the look of the Vatican archives was spot on.”

The film explores many of the ups and downs of Marian apparitions as well as the various manipulations that can sometimes come into play ranging from pseudo-cult to over commercialization. 

“These are the gifts for the groups that support us. A simple blessing will be enough. But it is important for them to know that you have touched everything.”

According to Michael O'Neill, the film is not like the typical uplifting faith film that people may have seen in the past. 

The Miracle Hunter
“It's serious it is even dark at times but I think people will be drawn into the story and will find themselves absorbed in the character of Jacques and his relentless pursuit of this potential miracle, wondering whether it is true or not.'

Filmed in France, “The Apparition” was produced by Memento Films and can be seen with English subtitles. 

“Are you all right? What hurts?”

“The ear. It's like I'm being nailed with something. But it's over. That's it.”

“Don't be afraid, it will soon pass.”

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