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Rome Reports

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A dog that has completed the Camino de Santiago comes to Rome

He's not the usual type of visitor to a General Audience but this dog, Neo, came to Rome to see the pope. He is possibly the first dog to have officially completed the “Camino de Santiago,” a famous pilgrimage route in the north of Spain. 

Neo's owner decided to take him on this pilgrimage because she believes animals play an important role in one's life. 

Neo's owner
“I consider animals are our companions in life so they have the same rights to do everything with us.”

They are a part of the “Protective Association of Animals” organization from Spain. They have come to Rome in hopes of attracting Pope Francis attention to promote their goal for better care toward animals and encourage people to take their dogs on this pilgrimage.  

Manager of APACA
“We are dedicated to the protection of abandoned and lost animals on the Camino de Santiago.”

They were particularly interested in seeing Pope Francis, as they believe he is someone who greatly cares for the protection of all God's creatures. 

Manager of APACA
“When he became pope he took the name of St. Francis of Assisi, who is the patron of animals.”

They have even managed to create a pilgrim passport for dogs, that is usually used by pilgrims for “Camino de Santiago” to officially record their journey.

After playing around with Neo, they will continue onward to further promote their goal at the “World Animal Protection” in Rome, an international organization for animal welfare.