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Rome Reports

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Remastered version of the Oscar Romero 1989 film

“Romero: Collector's Edition” is the remastered version of the classic 1989 film. It chronicles the life of Archbishop Oscar Romero. 

It shows the transformation of a complacent priest into a committed leader who starts a revolution without violence; but instead with the love of Christ. 

The film came into being after Hollywood-producer Fr. Ellwood Kieser, discovered about Romero's death. He was the founder of Paulist productions, a catholic media organization that seeks to foster a conversation between the religious and non-religious. 

Paulist Productions

“Someone sent him the Los Angeles times article about Romero's death two days after it happened.” “When Fr. Ellwood saw this he spent the next nine years of his life trying to bring Romero's story to the big screen.” “His story is a story that can touch us all. It is a story that challenges us all to reach out beyond our comfort zone.”

Paulist Productions and Catholic Relief Services decided to remaster the film in time for Oscar Romero's canonization and also to celebrate the film's 30th Anniversary. 

The film has been digitized to the highest resolution possible and sharpened up in color. Scratches from previous prints of the film have also been removed. 

Paulist Productions

“So seeing this film now is like seeing a film you haven't watched before. It looks sharp it looks beautiful and I think it is something people will really respond to.”

Fr. Tom Gibbons even managed to present the remastered version to Pope Francis, who seemed delighted to receive it. 

Paulist Productions

“What was just so special about it was giving him the film and watching his eyes light up, when he saw what the film was about. I suspected he had seen the film before, but just to be able to share that moment with Pope Francis was truly unforgettable.”

Paulist productions partnered with Catholic Relief Services, the official international humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the United States, to re-release this film. 

“I beg you! I order you! Stop the repression!”