Order of the Holy Sepulchre: We work for Christians in the Holy Land to remain there

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Many works that support and encourage the Christians living in the Holy Land depend on the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.

The Order will be holding its assembly in Rome these coming days. They are wanting to revitalize their activity in the Holy Land but without changing its mission. This mission is to ensure that Holy sites are still filled with Christians and don't become museums.

Grand Master of the Order

“There are many needs. We do our best by telling a story of the brave, courageous, people who are remaining strong in the faith despite many pressures. Who are raising families there despite many opportunities for misunderstandings and possibility of leaving that area. We do everything we can to make our Christian communities stable and faithful to their families; and to their neighbors as well as certainly to their faith.”

They presented to the Vatican some activities they have been involved in to promote Christian presence in the Holy Land.

The Order is made up of lay people, priests and religious who economically support Christians in the Middle East; but who, above all, pray for them.

The institution is made up of 30,000 members from 40 countries. It is distributed into 64 delegations, and its number is increasing.

Governor General of the Order

“To belong to the Order it is necessary to be a good Christian. They must be people of faith, committed to the values of the Order. These values are charity, humility and obedience.”

Before entering the Order, potential members have to follow a path of formation like Donata Maria did. Her family has been apart of the Order for two generations. For example, her father and grandfather were knights.

Lieutenant of the Order for Switzerland

“I have had two investitures. The first was being invested lady into the order. The second was personally for me when I went to the Holy Land. This visit touched me in a way that I saw the good works the Order does in the Holy Land.”

This institution is the arm of the Catholic Church in Palestine, Jordan and Israel through its economical support to the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. They help to financially maintain schools, formation, charitable and social activities there.

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