Missionary in Tanzania: These Christians shine with happiness we should all learn from

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This “Firmes en la brecha”, a reference to a call from Ezekiel in the old testament to 'stand in the breach', is a documentary showing the work of several missionaries in Tanzania. It is the largest country in East Africa where 40 percent of its 52 million inhabitants are Christians.

Fr. Diego Cano has so far spent five years as a missionary in one of the poorest parishes of the Diocese of Ushetu, which includes 53 villages and 35,000 people. Tanzania is a place this Argentinian priest could've never imagined being sent to.

Missionary in Tanzania

“Many times, as a missionary, you say to yourself, I will be able to do this, I will endure this, I will be healthy, I will learn the language. However, ultimately, God asks you to leave, go to the mission, without looking at what you think you may or may not do.”

It's a country of great social inequalities with very poor areas like the one where Fr. Cano works, a missionary of the Institute of the Incarnate Word. Families work in the fields to sustain themselves but with great difficulty, especially to get water in the months of drought. On many occasions, the water they drink is in poor condition, causing serious health problems. This is why efforts have begun for the construction of a well.

Missionary in Tanzania

“One of the ladies, who comes to the parish every day, told us that they had to get up at four or five in the morning to fetch water.” “And at four or five in the morning it's still very dark, you hear the hyenas howling and it's scary.”

Despite these difficult living conditions, people still want to go to Mass and receive formation in the faith. For this reason, conversions increase year after year. In only one catechesis, there are 5,000 children and adults.

Missionary in Tanzania

“These people are in the midst of poverty, in the midst of deficiencies such as water. They suffer in a poor country but nevertheless, this joy, this happiness and gratitude shines through them. One thing that maybe we should also learn from.”

Fr. Cano, with the help of five nuns, run a school and medical clinic. However, there is little help available, as shown in “Firmes en la brecha.” It's a documentary to remember the missionaries who continue to give their lives in the most remote places.

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