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Rome Reports

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New Christian renaissance: digital artists trained in Rome to project truth and beauty

“The Truth and Beauty Project” seeks to educate digital artists in the spiritual, historical, and artistic tradition of the Catholic faith in Rome. 

This project's mission is to motivate digital artists to transmit and transform a culture that is often deprived of hope, and show the truth through beauty. 

During six weeks in Rome, each participant has a particular role to produce at the end a group masterpiece.  

Elizabeth, is the marketing director of the project. She loves producing beautiful artwork. She has realized the importance of putting more meaning into one's own artwork. For example, one of the works she has produced is this painting of a hand holding three roses. 

Marketing Director
“The three is symbolic of the Trinity and the thorns are about the sacrifice; and how something beautiful such as the roses involves sacrifice.”

She believes truth at times can be a 'hard pill to swallow.' However, when 'clothed in beauty it becomes so much more approachable.'

Similarly, Video Co-Director Susanna has found being exposed to the great beauty of Rome has changed her perspective on film-making.

Video Co-Director
“It has made me look within myself as a director. If they can put so much meaning in such an effective and subtle way into one piece, then I can do the same with one film.”

She recently had the opportunity to showcase one of her short films “La Oportunidad” at a Los Angeles film festival. It examines a couples daily sacrifice for their child to excel in life.

The other Video Co-Director whilst in Rome, Zac, has also seen the great potential art can have to express the truth. He believes video can reach out to people in a way other mediums can't.

Video Co-Director
“What makes up the content of those screens is often video content. So the best medium to spread the Word of God is often through what people see on their phones. This is the video content we want to create and spread to the world.”

Zac has done professional videos and other digital works. He feels being in Rome has helped him grow in faith and leave with greater skills. 

As for social media, Alyssa and Julia are involved in digital marketing. After being in Rome, they see the growing need to uplift people when producing websites.  

Website and SEO Director
“We can communicate truth and beauty through the website, through the content we put on the page; and also through the images we put on those websites.”

Similarly, Julia has also found how beauty can communicate the truth. She found this particularly to be the case when she saw Bernini's sculpture of the martyr St. Agnes. For her, the sculptor helped communicate the truth of this saint's life. 

Social Media Director and Podcast Co-Director
“It really showed how her faith and the Lord just provided for her. No matter what anyone did for her or to her, she still had faith.”

“The Truth and Beauty Project” is run by Ashley and John Noronha. They are TV journalists and academics living in Rome who started this project in 2017. They hope to continue to inspire artists to use their talents for the greater good.