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Rome Reports

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Autistic boy moves the pope: “It made me think, am I also free like that before God?"

One of the first pilgrims to greet the pope before the General Audience was this child. Pope Francis paused for a few moments with him. 

The pope also blessed many children, and this model of the Child Jesus for a Nativity scene. 

In his catechesis, he concluded his reflections on the Ten Commandments. However, the protagonist was this child, who passed all the security controls...

“We're from Argentina...”

The pope enjoyed the interaction very much and understood perfectly what was happening. 

“He's Argentinian, undisciplined.”

The little one moved freely and even called his sister to follow him on his adventure. 

The scene affected the pope very much. 

“This boy can't talk, he is mute, but he knows how to communicate. He knows how to express himself. He has something that made me think. He is free. A undisciplined freedom... but he is free. It made me think, 'am I also free like that before God?' When Jesus says that we have to become like children, He tells us that we have to have the freedom that a child has before his father. I think he preached to all of us. Let's ask for the grace that this boy can speak.”

In his catechesis, Pope Francis summarized the Ten Commandments which he said expresses how God's love makes people free. 

“By freeing ourselves from the slavery of worldly desires, we can reconstruct our relationship with people and things by being faithful, generous, and authentic.”

It was the first General Audience indoors, to avoid the Roman cold. Therefore, the choirs who came to greet the pope could also be better heard. It was a musical audience that helped prepare people for the Christmas spirit.