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Our Lady of Guadalupe: Expert assures there is a message about family in her eyes

The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe continues to raise questions from experts. It is seen in a tilma more than 500 years old, which hasn't worn out or lost its color. In addition, it has no traces of pigments or paints. 

One of the main experts on this cloak is Dr. Aste Tönsmann. 

His discoveries, after years of work on the tilma, are now presented in a special report entitled 'Guadalupe, the hidden message in her eyes.' 

For years, he investigated the eyes of Our Lady. He realized that 13 figures are reflected, and that 12 of them are in the two corneas. This discovery is an amazing coincidence.  

“The computer helped me a lot, in a sense. One of the most important tests perhaps, is that it should appear in both eyes. Effectively, all the images appear in both eyes in the same positions.”

This Peruvian expert traced the figures of the corneas and saw a complete family. For this reason, he assures that the eyes have a message: they remind us of the importance of the family, formed by a father and a mother. 

“That triangle of love is very important. Our Lady is telling us that the father unites the family and brings the children together.”

However, in that family nucleus there are more figures, besides the parents and children. In the background there are two figures, which Dr. Aste Tönsmann considers to be grandparents. These figures symbolize a plea against the dismissal of elderly people.  

“I believe that the message of the family is very relevant today. I think it was hiding there until now, just when we can see that discredit, that attack on the family.”

'Guadalupe, the hidden message in her eyes' is 11 minutes long and is available on Rome Reports Premium, in Spanish and English. 

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