Council of Cardinals down to 6: Pope removes cardinals Pell, Errázuriz and Pasinya

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The pope did not renew three of his closest nine cardinal councilors (C-9), but the Vatican has not explained the reasons.

The three are Australian George Pell, Chilean Francisco Javier Errázuriz, and Congolese Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya.

They are 77, 85 and 79 years old respectively, yet their age does not seem to be the reason for their departure.

An Australian court is currently prosecuting George Pell to verify allegations of possible child abuse. He personally declares himself 'not guilty.'

Chilean archbishop Francisco Javier Errázuriz, on the other hand, mishandled the accusations against former Chilean priest Fernando Karadima, who was later condemned for abuses. 

Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya has also recently been discharged from his position as archbishop of Kinshasa, for age and health reasons.

The pope announced the decision to them in a letter. Additionally, he didn't name any new cardinals to take their place and said the next Council of Cardinals meeting will be in February.

As of now, this Council, which helps the pope govern the Church, has six members. 

They are:
Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga
Giuseppe Bertello
Osvald Gracias
Pietro Parolin
Sean Patrick O'Malley
Reinhard Marx

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