Pope in Guadalupe Mass: Mary teaches us to walk with those who have lost hope

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St. Peter's Basilica had this festive ambiance for a special feast day. 

Pope Francis celebrated this Mass on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which Pius XII defined as the Empress of the Americas.

In his homily, the pope explained that the Blessed Mother is the first educator in the Gospel, the very first witness who always acted with simplicity. That is why Pope Francis invited Christians to learn from her.

'In 'Mary's school' we learn how to stay on the path to get where we need to be, standing before so many lives that have lost hope or been robbed of hope.'

The pope said in 'Mary's school' one learns to walk among people, respecting and preserving their cultural identity.

'Not only with promises of a fake progress that, little by little, is trying to replace our cultural and family identity. Also it's to unravel that vital thread that has sustained our peoples. Everything is being done with the pretentious intention of establishing a unique and uniform thought.'

Finally, Pope Francis said Our Lady never sought to be the center of attention, but wanted to make others important. This is what she did with Juan Diego.

'The Lord does not seek selfish applause or worldly admiration. His glory is in making His children the protagonists of Creation. With a Mother's heart, she seeks to raise and dignify all those who, for different reasons and circumstances, have been immersed in abandonment and oblivion.'

As is traditional on this day, the Mass concluded with the singing of 'La Guadalupana.' For the fifth consecutive year, the pope presided over this ceremony in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a tradition Benedict XVI began in 2011.

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