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Pope: Pray Lord's Prayer saying 'Father.' He understands and loves us very much

Although there are still a few days left, Pope Francis already blew out candles of a cake for his 82nd birthday in the General Audience.

Afterwards, in his catechesis, he explained the “Our Father” prayer is a key for Christians to address God. This is because Christ taught to address God as someone close, not far away.

“He does not say to address God by calling Him 'Omnipotent. Most High, You who are so far from us! I who am so miserable. No, no. He does not say that, but simply 'Father,' with all simplicity, as children address their father.”

Pope Francis added one should not be afraid to turn to God as a child that asks for things; or to seek consolation during difficult moments. He said that this type of prayer should not be repressed because it is the way a child speaks.

“Let's pray the Lord's prayer, starting this way, simply: Father or dad. He understands us and loves us very much.”

There was no lack of mention to Our Lady of Guadalupe on her feast day. He especially greeted the pilgrims from Latin America.

“In a special way I greet Latin Americans and Mexicans on this day of our patron saint. Our Lady of Guadalupe.”

The joy of these pilgrims must have pleased Pope Francis who pointed out to the Italian pilgrims that this time they were defeated by the Latin Americans in making the most noise.

“The Latin Americans and the Mexicans have been noisier, huh?”