Video Call Santa Claus and send personalized greetings with this app

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With the app, “Portable North Pole” one can surprise loved ones with a personalized video featuring Santa Claus himself. 

This application has its charm because it allows us to video call the mythical Santa Claus. He will also mention if the child has been naughty or nice.

Adults can also personalize their videos with a touch of humor.

To ensure Santa addresses the person in the video, one should submit their name beforehand. 

“Ok! Time to rest. Oh! Hello Lili, I am very happy to see you. I just came back from a training run with my reindeer. We spent the whole night flying.”

The app also includes a games section for the little ones. Games such as helping Santa Claus with decorating his tree, talking to his elves, and playing memory games. There is also a section for taking selfies with Christmas accessories. 

It is available in Spanish, English, Italian and French. 

In app purchases allow one to unlock extra content. Offers include more screen time with Santa, customization options, as well as more scenes from Santa's Village at the North Pole. 

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