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Rome Reports

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Teachers bring their students to Rome to learn about their Christian roots

These pilgrims are from the “Hermógenes Rodriguez” institute. It is a public school from Herencia, near Ciudad Real, in Spain. 

“It is a public educational institute which under Church-State agreements permits the subject of Catholic religion to be taught to students who have freely chosen it.”

These students have been studying about Rome in school. As a consequence, it is exciting for them to finally get to see the real deal. 

The teachers brought them here as they believe it is essential for young people to get in touch with their Christian roots.

“Our culture is impregnated with Christianity. It could not be understood without Rome, without the Catholic Church. This is because in Spain all our traditions, both cultural and religious, come from the Christian faith. Therefore, in order to help the education and growth of these young people, it is important they know their roots.”

One of the highlights for these young pilgrims was to see Pope Francis during the General Audience. The pope's presence and example was a great lesson in itself for them. 

“The pope's humility and that the Church is for the poor. It is a Church that lives decentralized from itself. It is a Church to embrace and love the world, to be an evangelical sign in our time as Our Lord Jesus was.”

“They have seen something real, that is right in front of them... the pope. He is part of the Church and we got to see him in person.”

After five memorable days in Rome they will return home ready to teach others what they have learned here in this Eternal City.