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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis: you cannot pray like parrots. We must be aware that God loves us

Some 6,000 people participated in Pope Francis' weekly catechesis at Paul VI Audience Hall in the Vatican.

The pope continued his speaking about the “Our Father.” He said this prayer helps one understand the mystery of God's paternity. 

“You cannot pray, repeating words like a parrot. Either you enter into the mystery, aware that God is your father; or you are not praying. If you pray in a different way, you're not praying. I want to pray, 'God, my father,' entering into the mystery.”

The pope stressed that God's love goes beyond that one's parents offer, as human love is always limited. 

“The expression 'in Heaven' does not express remoteness. It expresses a radical diversity and another dimension of love. It is a tireless love, which will remain forever and will always, always be available. It is enough just to say 'Our Father who art in Heaven' and His love comes.”

He also reminded everyone that this Friday is the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter. He asked pilgrims to pray especially for him.

“Pray for me and for my ministry. Pray also for Pope Benedict, that he may always and everywhere confirm our brothers and sisters in the faith.”

This choir from the USA sung this hymn to the pope. It is called “Christus Vincit” and was joyfully received by everyone in the audience.

The pope greeted Ginés Beltrán, Bishop of Getafe. He is in Rome to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his city's seminary.