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Extraordinary Missionary Month now has a website and official guide

The countdown to Extraordinary Missionary Month has now begun. It will commence this coming October. In order to help Catholics prepare for it, the Vatican has launched a new website and a guidebook with proposals.

Secretary General, Pontifical Missionary Union
“The idea is to stimulate local creativity. It is so all Christians, with their pastors, priests, religious men and women, can discover what they need to revitalize the ardor, passion and zeal for the Mission of the Church. We are not going to say what needs to be done. We can show ways where today's world challenges us, challenges faith, the Word of God and the sacraments. This helps make us authentic witnesses of Jesus Christ, dead and resurrected.”

There are many ways to celebrate Missionary Month. The main thing is that every Christian seeks to have a personal encounter with Christ in prayer, meditation on the Word of God or on pilgrimages.  

Secretary General, Pontifical Missionary Union
“We would like to overcome this heroic vision many people have of missionary work, with missionaries confronting obstacles, dangers and martyrdom. In doing so, without abandoning this 'heroic' vision, the authentic mission of the Church is recovered. This mission is the transforming relationship between faith and the world.”

The motto for Extraordinary Missionary Month is “Baptized and Sent: The Church of Christ on Mission in the World.” It is a call that challenges all Christians, not just priests and religious.