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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis returns to Rome after finishing his spiritual exercises

Pope Francis returned to the Vatican after almost five days of spiritual exercises.

In this residence, on the outskirts of Rome, he celebrated his six years of being pope, in between meditations given by abbot Bernardo Francesco Maria Gianni.

Before finishing, Pope Francis addressed these words of thanks and joked about the effect that the metaphorical title of the meditations caused on the public. There he offered to delve into the mysteries of a great city.


"It made me laugh when you said someone in only reading the titles of the meditations, couldn't understand what the goal was. Perhaps a tourist guide had been rented to take them to see Florence and its poets. I was also a little disoriented in the first meditation, but later I understood the message. Thank you."

Pope Francis comes back to a full schedule in Rome. In addition to his traditional public events, he is preparing his next international trip to Morocco at the end of the month.