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Rome Reports

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Pope in Audience: “The Lord's Prayer” ascertains God's heart and love to His children

Pope Francis entered St. Peter's Square for the General Audience, greeting the many pilgrims who were in Rome, including the smallest among the bunch.

The pope continued his catechesis on the “Our Father,” focusing the part, “Thy will be done.” He said this part read along with “hallowed by Thy name” and “Thy kingdom come” form a prayer trilogy.

He said in order to understand this new point of reflection, one must clearly know that God does not hide Himself and plans for the world's future. 

“This, without a doubt, is God's will: man's salvation, of all men and women. Every one of us. God, with His love, knocks on the door with His love. Why? To draw you in. To draw you to Him and carry us forward on the path of salvation.”

He insisted that the Our Father should ignite in each Christian the same love Jesus has to do God's will. This flame should than transform the world with love.

"Praying 'Thy will be done,' we are not invited to bow like a servant, as if we were a slave. No! God wants us to be free. It is His love that frees us. The Our Father, in fact, is a prayer of children, not of slaves. It's of children who know their father's heart and are certain of his love plan." 

He said this should be hope for Christians. He thus concluded his catechesis with an “Our Father,” inviting everyone to pray in their own language. 

Then he expressed his closeness with areas experiencing natural disasters. A cyclone and flooding have caused at least 200 deaths and affected millions. 

“These days, great floods have sown grief and devastation in various regions of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. To those dear people I express my pain and my closeness."

He entrusted all the victims and their families to God's mercy, asking for comfort and support for them during this difficult time.